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Brezza modified- All you need to know about modified Brezza

Before we talk about  Brezza modified, we should know what image does Brezza has created from the time it has been launched in Indian Automobile market. So, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza had been awarded “The best car of the year 2017” and also emerged as the most popular subcompact SUV in India.

Brezza owners are happy to have a car which is comfortable and powerful too.But, to have a Vitara Brezza modified is a dream of every car enthusiast which owns a Brezza.Suzuki has also given an Icreate option where one can custom color his car as per his desire but it looks costly and

That’s the reason people love to modify their Brezza in car markets because they get a variety of accessories(LED, HID, ALLOY WHEELS, ETC) which they can install without any limitations and also the accessories are comparatively cheaper.

brezza modified

Thier are many ways to modify a car but before doing that, one should know that car Modification is illegal in India and can take you behind the bars.

Here are some of the pictures of  Brezza modified:

1-Accessories: Aftermarket accessories are in different varieties and one can buy them from online car accessories site, to make your car more magnificent you should change normal lights with HID or LED, replace upholstery, replace the exhaust, etc.

brezza modified brezza modified

2-Alloy wheels: Replacing your rims with alloy wheels is a good idea for a  Brezza modified.There are different types of alloy wheels on the market so make sure which better suits for your modified Brezza.check Online sites offering alloy wheels in India.

brezza modified brezza modified

3-Custom body: Customising the whole body can reach you in trouble so, I would suggest you make only simple changes in the body to have your Brezza modified.Like installing sunroof, Jeep compass type grills, range rover type grills, changing front and rear bumper.

brezza modifiedbrezza modified

4-Custom color: Many of the car enthusiasts love to repaint their car and giving it a new look.Also, always remember to have a good quality paint job because good quality paints are reliable in nature.

After a paint job, one should go for 3M coating for long lasting shine 🙂

brezza modified

5-Tyres: Choosing a new tire is a very tough job as you have to figure out which tires will suit your new Brezza modified.For modification purpose, Low profile tires are in trend and these tires are also called performance tires which will help your car from regular blowouts.

brezza modified brezza modified


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