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Facts about Salman khan cars

During the “Hit and run case” in which Salman Khan’s Toyota Land Cruiser had crashed into American Express Bakery at Hill Road, Bandra killing one person and injuring four. A journalist asked Mr.Khan about his driving and he replied “I don’t like driving” which clearly shows how the case had disturbed him.

Salman Khan is not a car fanatic but his car collection is worth watching. Most of the Salman Khan cars are having 2727 on the number plate, Do you know why?

It’s because of his birthdate i.e 27 Dec 1965. People and journalists had rarely seen him driving any of his cars but seen him riding motorbikes and cycles in the streets of Mumbai.

Pictures of Salman Khan Cars Collection:

1-RANGE ROVER  – The Range Rover Vogue costs 2.18(EX-showroom price), Salman khan ones twitted about the break down of his range rover.He twitted “meri pyari Range Rover 1.5 years me 9 baar break pads change krvae, ek bar to suspension bhi badalvaya or kal gadi beth gyi”

salman khan cars

2-LEXUS – In the earlier days, Bhai used to come with his Lexus LX570 which costs 2.33 CRORE(EX-Showroom price)

3-MERCEDES-BENZ – The GL CLASS car was gifted by Shah Rukh Khan and it costs around 1.8 CRORE(EX-Showroom price)

salman khan cars

4-AUDI RS7 – Salman Khan gifted himself an RS7 and was also the first customer who was buying this car.It cost around 1.7 CRORE(EX showroom price)

salman khan cars

5-TOYOTA LAND CRUISER- After the hit and run case the old land cruiser was seized by Police, There were many reports of Salman Khan had purchased a new Land cruiser which costs 1.4 crores.

salman khan cars

6-MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS – The s-class is now the part of Salman khan cars collection which costs around 1.33 crore.

salman khan cars

7-BMW X6- Salman Khan was in Ahmedabad to take the delivery of his BMW x6 which costs around 1.26 crore

salman khan cars


8-AUDI Q7- This Q7 was gifted by AUDI INDIA for the success of Bodyguard(Movie) and it costs around 80 lakhs.

salman khan cars

Apart from cars- Salman Khan is a true actor and a good person by nature, His charity work is recognized by many NGOs. Also, He runs his own charity “Being human” which now has been become a brand.

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