How did Royal Enfield make a come back in India

Royal Enfield made a tremendous come back in Indian market :

The demand for Royal Enfield lies in the massive faith following the brand has gathered from its customers in the last decades. There are quite a few reasons why Royal Enfield has such a huge fan base. Bike enthusiast loves to be an owner of an RE is popularly known as bullets. It is a dream bike for several Indian youths for years and It is a prestige and pride to own one. The attention you get, the fans, and the girls…

royal enfield comebck in india 

During 1960 to 1990s the Royal Enfield made its reputation as a big brand in the motorcycle market.But as the time passed, RE start losing the market because new cost-effective and low maintenance motorcycles brand jumped into the market and people were more likely to purchase these bikes because their maintenance cost was very low.

How did the craze for Royal Enfield start

  1. The Indian govt was looking for a suitable bike for the Indian defense forces and Police, for patrolling the borders of the country and ordered around 800 350cc model bullets.
  2. As it was reserved for the police and the Army, the pride to ride an RE at that time was on another level, to owe one was everyone’s dream but only few can afford it because of its high Maintainance.
  3. Their high cost and maintenance took them steep decline in their revenues and so to the level of bankruptcy.
  4. In 2000, a 26 old year man Siddhartha Lal took over as CEO and invested hugely in R&D.
  5. He launched two engines, The Thunderbird and classic were the two models that marked a comeback of RE.
  6. At the same time, this was happening, the upper middle class of the Indian population was steadily growing as well.
  7. RE-opened around 550 company-owned dealerships and from 25k bikes annually in 2005 to 450k in 2015.
  8. Now, the craze for RE has become a trend, everyone wants to own an RE whether it is a CLASSIC, STANDARD, THUNDERBIRD, BULLET, HIMALAYAN or CONTINENTAL.

royal enfield come back in india

LEH LADAKH trip is a dream of every RE owner in INDIA.

 RE has unveiled the 650 cc twin-cylinder engine at the Technology Centre in November 2017. This will power the next generation of Royal Enfield motorcycles in India.RE”the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production”

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