Modified Royal Enfield- All you need to know about RE modification

Modified Royal Enfield – Different ways for Royal Enfield modification

A modification is something different because it changes the look of an ordinary bike into a modified one, although modification is Illegal in India but bike enthusiasts still find possible ways to modify their bullet.

Royal Enfield has a huge fan base which makes it different from other bike companies.When the talk is about Royal Enfield then, there is no age limit, whether it is’a youngster or a middle-aged man, everyone loves to customize his RE.

royal enfield modified modified royal enfield

Royal Enfield history was magnificent that’s the reason Indian bike enthusiasts love to own one. A modified Royal Enfield bike gives an astonishing look when it touches the road and one can easily fall in love with its detailing.

Royal Enfield modification can be done in following ways:

1-Custom color:  One can custom paint a Royal Enfield from nearby bike modifiers to give it a new look, but not to forget, always use branded paints for better reliability.

modified royal enfield modified royal enfield

2-Alloy wheels:  For most of the owners replacing the rims with alloy wheels is the first step to their royal Enfield modification, Brands like Lionex, Parado, Champion, and Speedx offers a variety of good alloys.Buy HERE

modified royal enfieldmodified royal enfield


3-Custom Body:  If one wants a remarkable modified Royal Enfield then he should go for customizing the full body to a bike modifier.Also, Customising a body can lead to a huge change in the body, so the owner should be well aware of such things.

modified royal enfield modified royal enfield

4-Aftermarket Accessories:  Accessories like Harley style LED projector, HID, seat covers, silencers, horns, saddlebags and other light accessories can be used for a  simple royal Enfield modification.

modified royal enfieldmodified royal enfield

Thinking of a modified Royal Enfield! one should first read Motor vehicle act 1998.Automobile modification is lifting day by day whether it is car modification or bike modification but one should also follow the instructions given by the government.

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