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Customised/Altered/Modified Indian Cars-

In the Automobile Industry, The word modify means making partial or minor changes to a vehicle.The craze of car modification evolved from the western countries which also made a huge impact in India. Moreover, The craze for modified Indian cars is rapidly increasing.

The car modification trend of modified Indian cars is mainly observed in northern and southern states of India which are as follows:

  • Kerala
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • UP
  • Punjab
  • Gujarat

There are two types of car modification 1.Exterior modification 2.Interior modification. Although, modified Indian cars are on trend. On the other hand, Car modification has many restrictions and one should go through the Motor vehicle act 1998.

1-Exterior car modification- It deals with changing the appearance of your car, There are many ways to do this, by replacing the alloy wheels which will give the car an uncommon look,

  • A custom paint job
  • Replacing the tires
  • Custom grills
  • Headlights and Tail lights
  • Headlamps
  • Customised front and rear bumper
  • Roll bars
  • Winch
  • Functional Snorkel
  • Restyling the body line
  • Body elevation
  • Wrapping

2-Interior car modification- It deals with customizing the interior of the car, There are many ways to do this, By Installing a sound system with sub-woofers for a home theater like experience,

  • GPS navigation system
  • Custom color on dashboard
  • DVD display
  • Customized floor mats
  • Trimmed steering
  • Car Fridge
  • Customised upholstery
  • Other aftermarket accessories

Some of the Awe-inspiring Pictures of Modified Indian Cars:

1.Modified Hyundai i20: This modified i20 is an ultimate hatchback and a dream come true experience for the car enthusiast. With custom paint job, Re-profiled stylish bodyline, Restyled front bumper & Grille, Bonnet scoop, HID Headlights and DRL(Daytime Running Lights), Projector lamps and stylish Alloy wheels.modified indian cars

2. Modified Baleno: It is a perfect example of modified Indian cars. Moreover, With the butterfly doors, This Baleno modified is a style statement for all the car freaks. Furthermore, This Baleno is equipped with Attractive alloys, custom dashboard, Tail lights, HID headlight, projector lamps and some wrapping.

modified indian cars

Image source- Mototrendz

3. Modified Swift: For whom speed thrills, This Suzuki swift modified is for them.With Re-profiled stylish bodyline, Sound system coupled with woofers and base tube, Attractive deep-dish alloys, Butterfly doors, customized exhausts, Custom paint job, tinted glass and a 3M Coating on the body.modified indian cars

4. Modified Fortuner: Whether off-roading for fun or traversing treacherous terrains, it all begins and ends with this Toyota Fortuner. Coupled with the Customised bumper, Winch, Functional snorkel, 20-inch alloy wheels and high aspect tires,/ Bonnet scoop and an HID bar on top.modified indian cars

5. Modified Hyundai Creta: This bold look of Creta is also a perfect example of modified Indian cars. With custom front grille, Re-styled body line, custom front and rear bumper, HID headlights coupled with DRL & Projector lamps, 16-inch Alloy wheels, and custom bonnet.modified indian cars

6-Modified Gypsy: The Maruti gypsy modified had been custom painted, Customised body fitted with the roll cage, A functional snorkel, Wide bonnet scoop, Tough off-roading tires & alloy wheels, front bumper, a winch, Pair of  Dune lights and Night Cutter white glow headlights.modified indian cars

Such modified Indian cars give a style statement to their owners and inspire other modifiers to bring something new to the automobile industry, One can buy these awesome Accessories listed above at a lower price than others from Amazon.inmodified indian cars

Tips for car modification:

  1. Let your car be 1.5year old before going for any customization.
  2. Always use genuine alloy wheels and tires for better reliability and mileage.
  3. The custom paint you are going to change should be in your RC.
  4. Never try to make your vehicle look like any other vehicle(Baleno modified into a Mercedes GLA) otherwise, This may lead to legal proceedings against you.

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