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Here are some ideas for your modified i20:

The Hyundai i20 had been awarded the Indian car of the year for the year 2015. Hyundai i20 has been aesthetically designed with a premium interior and highly advanced features giving it a spunky look.

However, An i20 owner which is also a car enthusiast may never settle for less that’s why we bring you the most stylish and classy examples of modified i20.

1-Brother from another mother: Both the i20s are a perfect example of the style statement, With the golden wrapping and black rooftop, this i20 is for all the gold lovers. Whereas the other is custom painted in purple color, equipped with Golden alloys and quad exhaust tips.modified i20

2- Blue demon: The modified i20 is equipped with the perfect custom body kit which makes it more astonishing. Painted in dark blue color, equipped with a custom grille, custom front bumper, DRL, Stylish Alloys, Low profile tires, projector lamps and jet black windows.modified i20

3- Neat Green: This is the most flashy & eye catchy modified i20 among all. A Complete makeover has been done, painted in bright green, Re-styled body line with a custom grille, custom front, and rear bumper, custom bonnet with big hood scoop, Deep dish steel rims with low profile tires, DRL and sharp LED tail lamps.modified i20

4- Lowered: The lowered modified i20 looks stunning with the wrapping on it.Moreover, with dashing alloy wheel and low profile tires, the i20 is making a clear-cut statement. Installed sunroof and a wing on the rooftop makes this i20 a rally car.modified i20

5- Mustang: With the wide body kit and bright orange paint, the modified i20 looks killer. Equipped with a Re-styled body line, custom front bumper, custom grille, refined bonnet with a bonnet scoop, deep-dish steel rims and sharp LED tail lamps.modified i20

6-Dapper: The perfect color combination doesn’t exist, The body is wrapped in yellow while the Alloys, windows, tail lamps and the roof have been blacked.modified i20

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