Modified Honda Aviator in India-Modified Indian Cars

Modified Honda Aviator in India

Most of the motor scooter(Scooty) owners don’t want to modify their two-wheeler because according to them, motor scooters are not meant for modification purpose and should retain the original look.But when it comes to scooter enthusiasts, Every Aviator owners want a modified honda aviator in their garage.

modified honda aviator modified honda avaitor

Honda Aviator tagline “Live Your Style”

Honda Aviator production started in 2009-current with an engine of 110 cc four-stroke engine and having two models:

1)-130 mm drum,

2)- 190 mm disc (only available for the front wheel).

It is the only motor scooter which has minimum 1-month waiting time for its top model(Black).Moreover, It is the second most motor scooter which had disk breaks installed after TVS Wego.

Things need to consider for a Modified honda aviator:

  1. Wrapping – Modify your aviator by wrapping the whole body or just wrap the backlights to make your aviator look cool.
  2. HID or projector – Use aftermarket HID and projector for giving the Motor scooter(Scooty) a different look. On the negative side: HID consumes more battery power.
  3. Custom paint – Likewise one can also custom paint his aviator from the paint shop which will cost around 3000-3500.
  4. Types of no.plates – Use a different type of no. plates which include a change in font, shape, size,& color of the plate.
  5. Custom paint on alloys – Use permanent paint for alloys, In case of color doesn’t vanish after washing the alloys.
  6.  Engine oil & air filter – Use good quality engine oil and air filter from time to time for a better performance and always change it after 3 months.
  7. Exhaust and other accessories – Change the exhaust for better performance and use different accessories for your modified honda aviator.

In reality, the modification in India is illegal and can reach an individual behind the bars.Motor scooter enthusiasts should know Motor vehicle act before considering for a modified honda aviator.

Some of the pictures of Modified Honda Aviator:

honda aviator modified honda aviator modifiedhonda aviator modifiedhonda aviator modified

honda aviator modified

Now, you know the simple and easy ways to have your own modified Honda aviator.Any query regarding modification of cars, bikes or scooty, Please leave a comment 🙂

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