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Baleno modified- Ideas for sizzling hot Baleno

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a premium hatchback in India and Best variant for the year 2018. Baleno has stunning looks and its getting famous among the Indian car owners which are having a budget of around 8lakhs. After a long wait, Suzuki has launched a premium hatchback(Baleno) preceded by Suzuki swift.

Mostly modification is seen as a youngster thing, however, car modification also lies in the blood of middle-aged men. A Baleno modified is rarely seen on the roads because it always is seen as a family car. But, when the family man is a car enthusiast then he knows how to make a smoky hot looking Baleno out of an ordinary one.

modified baleno


Some inspiring Baleno modified pictures :

1-Alloy wheels: Every car enthusiast loves to replace rims with Alloy wheels because it gives a different look to the car. Alloy wheels come in various shape and sizes and one should visit Online alloy wheels sites for the best match. Having good looking alloys can be your first step towards your Baleno modified.

Baleno modified

2-Custom body: Customising your car may lead to a huge change as it will change the shape of the original body and will give attention to others as well. There are many car modifiers who do exterior car modification but one should always think before doing such things for a Baleno modified.

modified baleno

3-Accessories: A Baleno modified requires dashing aftermarket accessories replacing the original one, Aftermarket accessories like headlights, exhaust, indicators, HID, etc gives Baleno an astonishing look.

baleno modified

4-Custom paint: To have a custom paint on your Baleno modified, one should find a good paint workshop which uses original color to have good reliability. Also, Make sure that the color you have changed should be in the RC.

baleno modified

5-Tyres: Low profile tires are the new trend in the automobile industry and many car enthusiasts are replacing the original tires with a low profile one. Also, these tires are considered as performance tires and are good for a Baleno modified.

baleno modified

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