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Know more about Maruti 800 modified:

Before we talk about Maruti 800 modified, let’s take a look at the glorious history of the most loved car in Indian automobile history.Maruti 800 which was known as the city car, launched in 1983 at a price of rupee 53000.With over 30 years of production, Maruti 800 remains the second longest production car in India, next only to Hindustan Ambassador and more than 2.7 million units were built and sold.

Maruti 800 was the car which most of the Mediocre Indian families were having as their first car and the 90’s children better know what it is to travel in a Maruti 800 with their family at that time(Remembering those days).

Maruti 800 modified


So, There are different ways you can have your own Maruti 800 modified by just simply knowing these modification tips.Before this, one should know that car modification is illegal in India and can reach you into legal custody.

Type of modification for a Maruti 800 modified

         1. Interior modification-This modification deals with having a personalized dashboard, a GPS navigation system, Trimmed steering wheel, Sound system, Aftermarket upholstery, DVD display, Customised floor mats and other car accessories.

         2.Exterior modification-It deals with external customization like a custom paint job, Aftermarket grills, Sunroof, Aftermarket front and rear bumper, Alloy wheels, Performance tires, Fog lamps, Tail lights, etc.

Pictures of Maruti 800 modified you can get ideas from 🙂

1-Custom paint: If you want to have your own Maruti 800 modified then you should go for a custom paint job as it will completely change the look of your ordinary car.As matter of fact, One should use branded paint for better reliability in future.

Maruti 800 modified

2-Accessories: Adding fancy accessories to your car can give it an astonishing look.Accessories like HID head lights, LED tail lights, Projectors, etc. can be purchased from various online sites offering car accessories online in India.


Maruti 800 modified

3-Custom body: To totally change the look of your car and to have a classy Maruti 800 modified car, you can customize your car by cutting down or installing an extra body part.Customisations are costly like installing sunroof, installing butterfly doors, custom front, and rear bumper, etc.

Maruti 800 modified

4-Alloy wheels: Replacing rims with Alloy wheels is the new trend in the automobile industry.Alloy wheels are lighter in weight as compared to iron rims that’s the reason alloy gives a better performance on roads and increases the mileage of a car.In addition, There are many online sites for alloy wheels in India offering different shape and size of alloy wheels.

Maruti 800 modified


5-Wrapping: If you don’t want to custom paint your car.So, another option for you is wrapping! You can do wrapping on any body part of your car like, on doors, roof, bonnet, etc and wrapping can also be your first step to have a Maruti 800 modified.

maruti 800 modified

Accessories used in Maruti 800 modified are listed below

  • Alloy wheels
  • Tires
  • HID headlights
  • LED tail lights
  • Wheel covers
  • Paint spray

Buy from, Its offers a variety of car accessories at a lower price than others.
maruti 800 modified

Now, you know how you can have your own Maruti 800 modified by just following these simple steps.For any info regarding modification do comment 🙂

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