Mahindra Thar Modified(Fully customized)- Modified Indian Cars

All you need to know about Mahindra Thar Modified:

Before we talk about Mahindra Thar Modified let’s talk about THAR journey in Indian automobile market- Mahindra Thar production got started on 4 Oct 2010till present, It proceeded its previous version- Mahindra MM540. Also, The Thar has been voted one of the top 10 SUVs available in the Indian market.With an Increasing love for THAR among the car enthusiasts, Mahindra will soon be launching its new model.

Every Thar owner who is also a car enthusiast wants a Thar modified in his garage but the question is “what are the modifications one can make on his ordinary Thar to look like a modified one? and from where it should be done whether from a local dealer or from the company.

Mahindra has also launched its own Mahindra customisation where one can easily get his Mahindra Thar modified according to his/her specification.Mahindra is working on its 3 models  Thar, Scorpio and Bolero dealing in both exterior and interior modification.

Some of the pictures of Mahindra Thar Modified

1-Aftermarket Accessories: Adding accessories can give a new look to your normal Thar and can change the look from ordinary looking into a speed devil, Accessories like HID head lights and tail lights, LED bars, exhaust, etc can be added for a good exterior modification.check out Best online accessories for cars in India.

mahindra thar modified


2-Tires: There are many tire types and brands for Mahindra Thar but choosing the right one is difficult because you have to find a tire which will give your Thar modified a better performance both on-road and offroad.The tires shown in the picture below are called tractor tires.


mahindra thar modified


3-Sunroof: Giving your Thar a new look by adding a customized sunroof is a good idea but not everyone dares to install a sunroof in their Thar because installing a sunroof is an expensive work which cost around rupees 60000-100000.

mahindra thar modified


4-Alloy wheels: Now, everyone is changing their rims with alloy wheels to make their Thar modified to look more stunning, There are various types of alloy wheels in the market which differs from their shape and size.Lighter the alloy, better will be the Average.Also, check out Best online sites for alloy wheels in India

mahindra thar modified


5-Custom body: Installing custom grill, custom front and rear bumper, customizing bonnet, refining the body line, etc can be done to have a Thar modified. Customising the body line is an expensive and time taking work that’s why many Thar owners don’t go for alteration.

mahindra thar modified


6-Custom paint: A Thar modified is incomplete without a custom paint job, Only hard colors suits on thar because of his offroader and killer looks. While it goes through mud and sand, the paint should be genuine for a greater reliability in future.

mahindra thar modified




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