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Ideas for Hyundai i10 modified :

The Hyundai i10/Grand i10 is a premium hatchback which has gained much popularity because of its reasonable price and built quality.Preceded by Hyundai Santro and gets, the i10 was mostly preferred by mediocre families.

Basically, there is two type of modification to have an i10 modified:

  • Interior modification- It deals with altering the interior of the car and giving it a new look, Things like a customized dashboard, restyled floor mats, customized upholstery, custom steering wheel, sound system with subwoofers, navigation display and other aftermarket accessories.
  • Exterior modification- It deals with modifying the exterior of the car and changing its appearance.Things like customized front and rear bumper, custom grille, custom bonnet, bonnet scoop or side scoop, functional snorkel, customized rooftop, alloy wheels, tires, restyling body line and custom paint.

1-Minion: This had been custom painted in yellow which makes it more stylish than the original one. Equipped with custom grills, restyled bumper, DRL, Fog lamps, roof mounted LED lights and deep dish alloy wheel makes it a perfect i10 modified.

i10 modified

2-Blue Demon: This i10 modified has been painted in dark blue with jet black glasses giving it a smoky hot look.Moreover, The tail lights are also blacked, customized rear bumper and stylish steel rims with low profile tires.

i10 modified


3-Absolute classy: This is what we call a simple i10 modified, Equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels and semi-low profile tires making a clear-cut statement.Furthermore, it has black filmed windows and a fancy number plate.

i10 modified

4-Wrapped: This i10 modified is just wrapped in red and black which is a perfect color combination with the white shade.Also fitted with DRL, Fog lamps and stylish alloys.


i10 modified

5-Remapped: With the customized grill, restyled front bumper, DRL, and deep steel rims this i20 modified is perfect for youngsters.Also, the windows and rooftop are blacked for a better color combination.

i10 modified

Accessories like DRL(Daytime running lights), Fog lamps, HID, LED tails lights, Seat covers, etc can be bought directly from

i10 modified

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  1. Rohit Jadhav says:

    I have a Hyundai i10 2010 model. It is a black car. I want to paint it in yellow and black color. Let me know if you can do this job. If yes, please letme know the price.

  2. Kaiden says:

    Life is short, and this article saved valuable time on this Earth.

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