Hyundai Creta Modified(Exterior/Interior)- Modified Indian Cars

All you need to know about Creta modified:

Before going through Hyundai Creta modified, One should know about what image does Creta had made in the past years.In 2016 Hyundai Creta was awarded Indian car of the year and Creta is the most loved compact SUV under the budget of 9.35-14.45lakhs.Also, Hyundai may launch its new Creta with some cosmetic upgrades in Auto Expo 2018.

Car enthusiasts love to customize their car to give it a unique and different look.If you are a Creta owner then your car just need some simple modification because the car design looks already stunning and with few detailing one can change an ordinary Creta into Creta modified.

breza modified

Everyone loves a Creta modified and finds different ways to modify it but before doing such, one should know that Car Modification is illegal in India and can take you into legal custody.

Inspiring Creta modified pictures :

1-CUSTOM PAINT: Having a custom paint job can change the appearance of the car and can make it more eye-catching. A 3M coating is a must after a custom paint job because it will make the paint shinier and reliable.

creta modified

2-AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES: There are n number of car accessories in the market, Choosing the right one out of 100s is very difficult. Accessories like HID, projector lamps, wheel covers, horns, etc.

creta modified


3-ALLOY WHEELS: Choosing the right alloy is kind of making a masterpiece, One has to decide which size, shape and color is best suited for a Creta modified.One should visit online sites for alloy wheels in India.

creta modified

4-CUSTOM BODY: Changing the grills, Customising front and rear bumper, redefining the body line, etc can be done to have a creta modified. Altering your car exterior can get you into the eyes of the people so it is advisable to make your car an eye-catching beast.

creta modified

5-LOW PROFILE TIRES: Low profile and semi low profile tires are the new trends in automobile industry because of its performance and looks. These tires are not meant for offroading because they are low to the ground.

creta modified

After reading this article, now you know the easy ways to have your own Creta modified.Please leave a comment for any query regarding modification.

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    Good article where i can get good accesories for my car

  3. Viplove singh says:

    Where i can get good accesories for my car

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