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All you need to know about Honda Dio Modified:

Honda Dio Modified is mostly used motor scooter for stunts by stunt riders in India because comparing to other motor scooters the body of Honda Dio is made up of fiber that’s the reason it is light in weight.After Honda Dio, Honda Aviator and Activa is also used for stunts by stunt enthusiasts.

There are different ways to have your own Honda Dio Modified but before doing such modification, One should know that modification is illegal in India and can reach you behind the bars if you are not aware of  Motor vehicle act 1998 sec 52.


Honda Dio was launched in 2012 with its new model which was favored by most of the teenagers in India because of its killer look.Honda launched Dio DLX  with an engine of 110 cc , Drum breaks(130 mm (5.1 in) with combined braking system(CBS) and weight of 105kg.


Things need to consider for a Honda Dio modified:

1. Custom Body: To have a Honda Dio modified, One has to customize the body by replacing or by adding new body parts.

2. Custom Paint: One can also custom paint his Dio modified from the paint shop which will cost around rupee 3000-3500.

3.HID or projector: Use aftermarket HID for the headlight and LED for tail light to give your Dio a cool look.

4.Wrapping: Modify your Dio by wrapping the whole body or just wrap a particular part and even you can wrap the front and back lights.

5.Types of no.plates: There are different types of number plates one can choose from which differ in font, shape, size, and color.

6.Tyres: Use tubeless tires for better performance or ask your local tire dealer for tractor tires.

7.Exhaust and other accessories: Change the exhaust for better performance and use new accessories for your modified honda aviator.

8.Engine oil & air filters: Use good quality engine oil(Motul is best for motor scooters) and air filter.Always have your service from time to time(After 3 months)  for a better performance.

Pictures for Honda Dio modified:

Dio modified



Dio modified

Fully customized


Dio modified

Customized Body


Dio modified

Body Stickers


Dio modified



Dio modified

Wrapping on indicators


Dio modified

LED Headlight


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