Govt of India Bans crash guard on motor vehicles

Crash guard banned by the Ministry of road transport and Highway Ministry:

As per Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act, It is illegal to have unauthorized fitment of crash guard/Bull guard on cars and Two wheelers, and strict action will be taken against such vehicles and under the Section 190 and 191 of the Motor Vehicles Act, the vehicles with crash guard will be charged with penalties.

ban on crash guard in india ban on crash guard in india

This decision was taken by the ministry which poses serious safety concerns to the pedestrian as well as occupants of the vehicle, a govt official said.Its a misconception that crash guard add safety to vehicle passengers.The front of every car has built-in crumple zones which help reduce the impact of an accident.

 The disadvantage of crash/bull guard:

  1. Crash guards make crumple zones ineffective.
  2.  Bull guards may interfere with airbags from opening during accidents.
  3.  Bull guards are dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and two-wheeler riders.
  4.  A bull guard damages chassis of a car during big accidents.

ban on crash guards in india

Most of us have an impression that crash guard/Bull guard gives the car a Modified look and feels secure but on the other side having these Bull bars can cause serious injuries to the pedestrians as well as can block the effect of Airbags.

In New Delhi, Authorities will be getting tough from January 2018 on the use of an illegal crash guard or bull guards.

  • Fine of rupees 1000 for the first offense and rupees 2000 for the next offenses.
  • Retailer selling bull guards will be fined as much as rupees 4000.

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