Give way to Ambulance to save life- Modified Indian Cars

Please Give way to an ambulance in traffic

In major cities of India like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc, The traffic jams are emerging on every road causing hustle and chaos between vehicles. At the same time, If an ambulance emerges, then it may not possible to pass through the traffic because it is hard to move a 4 wheeler in a traffic jam and though it becomes impossible for the people to give way to an ambulance.

Most of the people in India are unaware that one should move his/her vehicle left when an ambulance ask for the way. Moreover, Some people behave arrogantly and don’t give way to an ambulance and because of such people, most of the people die in the middle of the traffic jam.

In addition to proposing a massive increase in compensation to families of accident victims and imposing heavy penalties on lawbreakers, the bill been proposed for the first time under Motor vehicle amendment bill-2106 under sec 194 E introduced a fine of ₹10,000 on those who do not provide a way to emergency vehicles to pass.

give way to ambulance

 Other countries have some strict rules for individuals who don’t provide for emergency vehicles:
  • USA- INR 13000 OR 7 days of imprisonment
  • China- INR 2000 or 10 days of imprisonment
  • Britain- INR 500000
  • Germany INR 53000

How to give way to an Ambulance

  1. Firstly, If you hear the siren of an ambulance, Switch ON the left indicators.
  2. Instead of speeding, move your vehicle on the left side and give the way to an ambulance on the right.
  3. Don’t stop your vehicle thinking the ambulance will make his own way.
  4. Don’t overtake a vehicle while giving way to an ambulance, this may cause an accident.
  5. You can even jump the red light while giving a way to an ambulance.

Whenever an ambulance’s red light is flashing..

Whenever its siren is on…

It means a life is at stake…

You must give way to an ambulance…

So that it can quickly get to the scene to treat the sick or injured…

Save Lives. Give way to ambulances… 

Source: Uday foundation

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