Delhi High Court Stays notification of Ban On Crash Guards Till April 18

HC stays the notification of Ban on crash guards:

In December 2017, the central government asked all the states to take a stern action against unauthorized installation of bull bars or crash guards in vehicles saying such fitments pose a safety concern for pedestrians. On Monday, The Delhi High Court stayed the Centre’s notification directing all states to take stern action against unauthorized fitting of crash guards or bull bars on vehicles.

A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar asked the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways(MRTH) to inspect the matter and also administer that there would be no challans till April 18. Moreover, the court also notices that the ministry had not properly interpreted the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) while issuing this notification and has asked for a detailed reply.

crash guards

“Under what power have you issued this notification? Under what law have you issued an advisory to the states to take penal action against the offenders? Till the next date, there would be a stay and no challans will be issued,” stated the Bench to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

A plea was made recently by an individual named Mohammed Arif, a manufacturer and dealer of crash guards/ bull bars. A PIL (Public Interest Litigation), filed by Aarshi Kapoor and Sidharth Bagla, argue that bull bars and crash guards offer protection to the vehicle only at low speeds. At high-speed impacts, crash guards and bull bars tend to prevent the deployment of airbags which is a safety concern.

The disadvantage of crash guards:

  1. Crash guards make crumple zones ineffective.
  2.  Bull guards may interfere with airbags from opening during accidents.
  3.  Bull guards are dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and two-wheeler riders.
  4.  A bull guard damages chassis of a car during big accidents.

Most of the people quoted that the car manufacturing companies should find a way for the fitments of bull bars in the car so that it wouldn’t have any effect on the deployment of airbags.

Source: Drive spark

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