Car Number Plate Design/ Fancy Number Plates- Modified Indian Cars

All you need to know about number plate design for cars:

Car number plate design has various varieties and it differs from their shape and sizes.Every car enthusiast get confused about which number plate design he should choose! because not every fancy number plate looks good on your car, you have to decide according to your car type whether it is sedan, hatchbacks or an SUV.

Every SUV whether it is  Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Scorpio, Pajero sport, Safari, etc have a larger number plate column as compared to sedan and hatchbacks.You to decide which font and font size will look good on your number plate design.

number plate design

Car enthusiasts struggle!

If you have a VIP number plate like 0009 or 0001, then you can choose to bold and larger font as it will look good on every car type.Also, If you have old number plates like DUZ 1, PUB 2 or KLM 3 then you should choose IMPACT(font) as many of the old number plate design are written in this font.

Before replacing your original number plate with a new number plate design/fancy number plates, One should know that these fancy number plates are illegal in India and can reach you into legal custody.

We have gathered different stylish number plates from India so that you can get ideas for your car number plate.we have also collected information about various number plates materials used to make fancy number plates.

Types of number plates:

  • Glass plates
  • Fiber plates
  • Artificial glass plates
  • Plastic plates
  • Acrylic plates(Authorised one)
  • 3D number plates

Different type of stylish number plate design in India:


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design


number plate design

So, You may have decided which number plate you will be using on your car so that your car looks like a modified one huh! Mostly modified car enthusiasts love to add a stylish number plate and some new car accessories to give their car a unique look.

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