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Car modification is legal or illegal in India as per GOVT :

“Car modification” This word is known to every car enthusiast as he wants to modify his car and wants to add detailing so that it looks different from the ordinary car owner.Many of the car enthusiasts love to change their car color, car tires, Alloy wheels and other Accessories.But, do they know about car modification whether it is legal or illegal to modify a car in India.

car modification legal in india or not

 Remember these points before doing car modification:

  1. HeadlampsTheir size, height from the ground and color range is specified. Blue/White color lamps are not allowed because they can distract the attention of the oncoming drivers.
  2. Body Colour: Yes there is a restriction on the body color also! Olive Green colored body paint is not allowed because the color is reserved for Indian Military Forces!
  3. Exhaust: Tailpipe should only be at the rear end, not at the side. Even angle is prescribed under the law.
  4. Indicators: Only amber color are allowed on the vehicles.
  5. Changing Body Shape: Your car modification should not take the car out of the class under which it was purchased. So you cannot convert your SUV into a truck. There are dimensions prescribed for each class of vehicle.
  6. Number Plates: There is a strict norm for the number plates, which covers the background and foreground colors, font style, size and even spacing between each digit. Also, the number plate should be in English and Numerals.
  7. Sun Film: Dark glass films have been recently banned by the court to prevent criminal activities. The front film should have 70% light transmission and windows should have 50%.
  8. Horns: Horns louder than 115dB are not allowed. Also, twin-tone horn which has a succession of different tones is illegal.
  9. Fog Lights: Height from the ground is restricted. Also, the beam should not be dazzling.

car modification in india

Rules and regulations under Motor Vehicle Act,1998 as per section 52:

  1. No owner of a motor vehicle shall so alter the vehicle that the particulars contained in the certificate of registration are no longer accurate, unless

(a) He  has given notice to the registering authority within whose jurisdiction  he has the residence or the place of business where the  vehicle is  normally kept,  as the  case may be of the alteration he proposes to make; and

(b) He has obtained the approval of that registering authority to make such alteration.

2.  Where  a registering  authority receives  a notice under subsection (1),  it shall,  within seven  days of  the receipt  thereof, communicate, by  post, to the owner of the vehicle its approval to the proposed alteration or otherwise:

3. Notwithstanding  anything contained  in  sub-section  (1),  a State  Government  may,  by  notification  in  the Official  Gazette, authorise, subject  to such  conditions as  may be  specified  in  the notification, the  owners of not less  than ten transport vehicles to alter any  vehicle owned  by them  so as to replace the engine thereof without the approval of the registering authority.

4. Where  any alteration has been made in a motor vehicle either with the approval of the registering authority given or deemed to have been given  under sub-section,  (2) or by reason of replacement of its engine without such approval  under sub-section (3), the owner of the vehicle shall,  within fourteen  days of the making of the alteration, report the  alteration  to  the  registering  authority  within  whose jurisdiction  he   resides  and shall forward  the  certificate  of registration to  that authority  together with  the prescribed  fee in order that particulars of the alteration may be entered therein.

5. A registering authority other than the original registering authority making any such entry shall communicate the details of the entry to the original registering authority.


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