Bike number plate design/Fancy number plate design-Modified Indian Cars

Different Bike Number Plate Design in India:

Are you bored of the ordinary number plate on your Bike/Sccoty and want a different bike number plate design! Every bike enthusiast loves to modify his bike with his own specifications and replacing the old number plate with the new fancy number plate design can change the look of your bike.

Whether it is a splendor, Yamaha R15, KTM or a Honda Dio every bike enthusiast needs a different bike number plate design.Also, There are different bike number plate design one can choose from, They differ from their Text font, Shape, size and color of the number plate.

Having these Fancy number plate design on your bike is illegal as per govt and can lead an individual into legal custody.Only HSNP(High-Security Number PLates) are allowed.Read more about Vehicle registration plates.

Types of Number Plates:

  • Glass plates
  • Fiber plates
  • Artificial glass plates
  • Plastic plates
  • Acrylic plates(Authorised one)

We have gathered various bike number plate design/ fancy number plate design for bike enthusiasts around India so that they can get a better idea of which number plate to use on their two wheeler.It will cost you around rupee 300 – 700 for a fancy number plate.

Pictures of Different Type of Bike Number Plate Design:

1-This is a 3D Germany number plate design and it looks stunning on every bike and scooty. One can use any country flag on the left side of the number number plate design

2-It’s a Black number plate with the 3D font on it, it looks stylish when you are having a black colored scooty or bike.

bike number plate design

3-It’s an acrylic number plate mostly used by KTM bike owners because of its simple looks, However, anyone can put his/her bike brand name on the left side of the number plate.

bike number plate design

4-It’s an acrylic type number plate covered by a plastic border, it is simple and will look good on every bike and scooty.On the right side of the number plate, you can embed any county number plate design

5-It’s a 3D glass type number plate and mostly used bike number plate design by bike enthusiasts because of its simple look, Also, One can embed his bike brand name on the back number plate which makes this number plate even more stylish.

bike number plate design

6-It’s a fiber number plate with the 3D font on it and it looks good mainly on Royal Enfield because these type of number plates look good when the bike brand has a good logo.

bike number plate design

7-It’s a unique bike number plate design because it is an artificial glass plate with lightening 3D font, Its a costly one and looks amazing but a disadvantage is that this bike number plate design can easily get into the eyes of Police personals.

bike number plate design

8-It’s Platic number plate with a 3D font and it is a number plate which most of us see in bikes.However, you can use blue color instead of red and you can even embed Indian flag on the left number plate designSo, Now you have got an idea from pictures mentioned above of which bike number plate design you should use on your bike.

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