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Best Brands of Bass Tube for Car:

Bass tube for car is the most important device for car enthusiast for a high entertainment. Most of the trips are inspired by music, a sub-woofer with loud volume and excellent clarity can deliver a ride of a lifetime.

How the bass works -The cylindrical shape of the enclosure helps focus the movement of the bass pressure so it maximizes that punchy output from both the woofers face and the tuned rear aero port.

List of Bass Tube Brands :

1- JBL: Is an American brand which is well known for its great quality of audio products. While choosing a bass tube for car, JBL is always a priority because of its excellent sound and frequency quality.It never fails to disappoint the customers and that the reason most of the Car enthusiast installs a JBL bass tube.

 Product name: JBL GTX 1300T 12-inch Bass Tube

Bass tube for car


2- Pioneer: Is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in digital entertainment products.Pioneer is the second most preferred brand in bass tubes for car. Subwoofer from pioneer offers incredible high endurance and reliability.

 Product name: Pioneer TS-WX306T Basstube 1300W

Bass tube for car

3-Sony: Is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation and leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony is also a well-known brand like JBL and Pioneer Moreover it never fails his customers to easily switch to other products. This is a powerful subwoofer for experiencing louder, deeper bass.

Product name: Sony XS-GTX121LT Car Stereo Sub Woofer

Bass tube for car

Some other brands of Bass tube for Car:

4-Blaupunkt: Is a German manufacturer of electronics equipment and aims at delivering the best in class woofers sound systems and bass tube for car. The Blaupunkt bass tube is perfect for every vehicle and the sound quality is deep and clear.

Product name: Blaupunkt GTT 1200 HP Subwoofer Tube System

bass tube for car5-Woodman: The company is based in New Delhi(India) selling Car Electronics and Accessories. The car bass tube is made from a rich quality material that makes it a must grab item.

Product name: Woodman BT10 10 Inch Basstube With Inbuilt Amplifier Subwoofer

Bass tube for car

6-Worldtech: Based in Bangkok, Thailand dealing in wide range of Consumer Electronics products, Car Entertainment Product,bass tube for car & Accessories. The bass tube delivers excellent sound with no noise and it is powered by RMS.

Product name: Worldtech WT-BT1400/17 Electron Subwoofer  (Powered, RMS Power: 200 W

bass tube for car

7-Soundboss: This bass tube is having an inbuilt amplifier, This SoundBoss Bass Blaster amplified bass tube for car will add power and impact to your car audio system. SoundBoss delivers a good quality of bass because it’s inbuilt amp.

Product name: Sound Boss SBBT-10X20 10-Inch 500w Powered Subwoofer Bass Tube with In-Built Amplifier

bass tube for car

8- 5core(Sound of India): Is an Indian based manufacturers of audio, electronic equipment and base tube for car . 5core delivers premium-quality Woofers having an attractive appearance and captivating features.It is also having an inbuilt amplifier.

Product name: 5 Core BT-10 Active High Performance 10 Inch Bass Tube with In-Built Amplifier


bass tube for car

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