Alloy wheel : Best online sites for alloy wheels in India.

Best Online sites for Alloy wheel in India:

Alloy wheel replaced steel wheels and cast wheels a few years back because on the positive side the lighter alloy wheels in cars like Maruti swift helps not just in performance but also in mileage.If you are a car lover then alloy will be your first priority as it is the first step towards your car modification.As a matter of fact, Alloy wheels or rims also add to the aesthetic quotient of the car.

Every person wants alloy wheels as per his whims and fancies.He chooses from brands like ONYX Wheels, Lenso, Veloche Wheels, Flying Eagle Wheels, HRS, MOMO Wheels, Star Racing Wheels and variety of colors(finish)  like Black carbon, Black glossy, chrome, golden, silver

Cars look like this when Alloys are fitted…


There are few alloy wheel manufacturers in Indiaincludencludes Neo alloy wheels, Sai mag alloys, and Aura rims.  Imported brands such as OZ Alloys, Lenso wheel, and MOMO are popular. The cost of Alloy wheels ranges from 5000 to 30000.

In India, From Alto K10 to Toyota Fortuner alloy wheels are in fashion just move your head around and you will lot of cars having alloys.

Our team has listed some of the genuine & best online sites for Alloy wheel in India:

1-Alloy wheels kart

This Alloy wheel portal has user-friendly tools and serves all over India.The starting price here is 3700 per wheel which can vary with size and quality. All you need to is to put the alloy wheels of your choice in your car virtually and find out how it appears. So, just find out the right alloy wheel for your car in no time with our user-friendly search tools.

2-Sai mag wheels

Sai mag is manufacturers as well as Distributors of the alloy wheels in India with free shipping,100% guarantee. and also have an EMI option.They don’t have a virtual view of the car but you can choose the car and its model on the right side of the website.The starting price here is 5000 per wheel which differs with size and finish. 


In Plati India neither you have an option to virtually view your car nor you have an option to choose your car model. It  Displays Alloys as well as Tyres and if you want to know the price of any one of them you have to fill an inquiry form first.


4- Neo wheels

Neo wheels are the pioneer of manufacturing aluminum alloy wheels in India since 1996.You can view your alloy wheels on your car model virtually but Neo doesn’t deliver the products online, it’s just a manufacturing company.visit the website to know more: 

5- sells more of car and bike accessories. Alloys wheels are just a sub-part of car modification and neither you have an option to virtually view your car nor you have an option to choose your car model.The Alloy wheels are displayed with the details and you can directly buy them.

6-Fast track Distributors

This website is a distributor of Alloy wheels.Here, You can select your car model and it will display the items, for the price you have to send the inquiry. 

7-Chinese Alloys

These alloys don’t have a guarantee and the color may fade but the cost os very low, it can be 2000-2500 for a single alloy.

You can buy them from these two websites




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    I want alloy wheels fir my i10 ,how can i get perfect one

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      I have written an article for the same – Alloy wheels website in India.Please go through the same and you will find your desired alloy wheels.

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    I’m rellay into it, thanks for this great stuff!

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